THE JIG IS UP: The Truth About David Hogg Finally Goes Public

Parkland shooting survivor and anti-gun activist David Hogg got some bad news over the weekend when he was mocked on Twitter for raising a clenched fist at his March For Our Lives rally in what many said looked like a Nazi salute.

Breitbart reported that Hogg gave a four minute speech at the Washington D.C. event in which he promised to vote out Congressional members who side with the NRA. The teenager claimed that politicians are “shaking” over the students’ march for gun control and Bustle quoted him saying, “Let’s put USA over the NRA.”

After his speech was over, Hogg stepped back from the podium and pushed his clinched fist into the air:

Pro-Gun Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv responded by tweeting a photo of Hogg with his fist  in the air, asking followers to caption it.

Twitter users went wild with this one:

This comes after damning footage leaked that clearly shows Hogg being coached. Watch as someone off camera can be heard feeding Hogg lines when he forgets what he is supposed to be saying.

The mainstream media has tried to make anyone who claims the Parkland survivors are being coached look like heartless conspiracy theorists, yet their are multiple pieces of footage out there that confirm that these teenagers are indeed being told what to say by radically left adults.SHARE this story so we can expose the TRUTH about what is happening in Parkland!

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