Michelle Obama Loses It – Has Public TANTRUM Over Melania

Michelle Obama recently gave a “secret talk” in Florida for which she was paid a hefty six figure sum. Michelle then lost it when Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Robin Givhan of the Washington Post secretly recorded the former first lady’s private conversation which included spiteful comments about Melania Trump.

“Talk about going Postal,” reported Page Six. “The BET Network booted a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist from its conference for publishing a Q&A with Michelle Obama, sparking a social media storm.”

“The network had invited the Washington Post’s Robin Givhan to its syntactically questionable ‘Leading Women Defined’ conference in Bal Harbour, Fla., but then demanded she leave after she published her article, claiming that Obama’s talk had been conducted in a ‘sacred space.”

Givhan described the event as “a conversation between friends — between Michelle Obama and former presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett.”

“What was on her mind, Jarrett wanted to know, when the president and Mrs. Obama welcomed their successors to the White House?” Givhan wrote. “And of course, ‘she [Melania] gave me the box.’ That would be the large Tiffany box that Melania Trump presented to Mrs. Obama — a moment that defied protocol and left Mrs. Obama spinning in circles trying to figure out where to put it because all the staff had disappeared.”

Michelle’s tone was sarcastic “and of course, she gave me the box,” as if Melania’s present had been a slap in her face. However, Michelle actually did the exact same thing, as she brought a gift for Laura Bush right before Barack Obama was inaugurated.

The jabs from Michelle kept coming, as Givhan wrote,  “What was Mrs. Obama thinking as she and president Obama waved farewell from Marine One? ‘Bye, Felicia!’ [Jarrett] joked. And she laughed.”

Jarrett went on to ask what is her advice to Melania “should she choose to take it,” which Michelle answered, “Take some time to know what you care about and what you can do in the realm of the administration. You have to know what the goals of the administration are… You can’t go in with guns blazing until people trust you.”

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