It’s Worse Than We Thought – Looks Like We Just Discovered Who Is Pulling David Hogg’s Strings … This Is NOT GOOD

Elder Patriot – Almost immediately it had become apparent that David Hogg had been pre-selected and groomed to be the tip of the progressive’s spear following the Parkland massacre.  

The events surrounding the attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. began with the refusal by authorities to intervene prior to the shooting, a lack of police response during the shooting rampage, and the subsequent refusal to be forthcoming by Sheriff Scott Israel in the aftermath always seemed too coordinated.  But the seventeen year old Hogg’s demagogic embrace of the Left’s platform that followed immediately after, as well as the mainstream media’s readiness to promote the story and a blackout on the opinions of other students never passed the smell test.

Now pardon me but no seventeen year old product of a failed school system is going to parrot the anti-Constitutional ideology that was drummed into him by his Marxist teachers and convince me that he has all of the answers to proper governance.

This all became clear when Hogg turned his venom on conservative talker Laura Ingraham.

Following Hogg’s assault on Laura Ingraham he targeted her advertisers, and after Ingraham realized that getting into a pissing match with a boy wasn’t going to turn out well for her, she apologized.

Hogg refused to accept her apology and instead expanded his call for advertisers to boycott Fox News completely.

Now we have discovered that if all of this seemed way too orchestrated, it’s because it has been.  

Ultra-Left Wing Media Matters is funded by George Soros.  Soros was also a major backer of Hillary Clinton who promised to shutdown Fox News, among others Constitution-based news organizations, during her failed presidential campaign.  

So, it came as no surprise when Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters, revealed their involvement with this tweet last evening:

Media Matters sends talking points to the gatekeeper media every morning.  They want the media to ignore Kashuv rather than have their darling, David Hogg exposed for the ignoramus he is.

Similarly, Alex Jones’ fifteen-year old son has openly challenged Hogg to debate him.

Hogg hasn’t accepted.  If he’s so sure of his position then what is he afraid of?

Whether you believe Laura Ingraham stepped in a pile of poop of her own making, demagogues like David Hogg must be engaged lest their ignorant, but impassioned rhetoric overtakes rational discourse.

For that reason it’s necessary to signal that #IStandWithLaura and to send a message to the feckless corporate advertisers that have abandoned her that there is a downside to their actions.

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