JUST IN: Things just got a whole lot worse for Megyn Kelly at her network NBC, and it looks like her future there is in serious jeopardy.

Daily Mail reported that employees at both NBC and her former network of Fox News have come forward to slam Kelly for her behavior onset. Sources hit the host with numerous allegations, including that Kelly once called a Fox make-up artist a “f**king b***h.” was insensitive to another makeup artist who had a miscarriage and kept a female Kelly File guest clueless while flirting with the men also appearing on air.

“She is not a woman’s woman,” the guest said. “She wanted me to be on the back foot and she succeeded. It felt very deliberate as opposed to an oversight.”

Staffer Alexis McKinney claims she was verbally abused by Kelly during the host’s time working on the Fox News morning show, America’s Newsroom.

“It was a very busy morning and Megyn was getting bounced all over the place because she didn’t have an appointment to get her make-up done,” a source said. “By the time she got to the third make-up artist, Alexis, she was upset. Alexis was working on Fox & Friends guests and they all had to be finished before 9am so it was impossible for her to take Megyn. When Alexis told her she didn’t have time to do her make-up, Megyn turned around and called her a ‘f**king bitch.”

Another Fox source said that a “deeply upset” McKinney had relayed the incident to her.

“She was a really lovely girl, a beautiful soul, everybody liked her. But the incident with Megyn, that was the last straw for her and she went to HR,” the source said. McKinney went on to work for NBC and Al Jazeera America, but she sadly died in a car accident on Christmas Eve in 2014.

The problems with Kelly did not stop there, however. Another source at Fox said that “every Green Room was buzzing with what Megyn had said. But many people knew about it even though they had tried to keep it low-key.”

“Megyn has a problem with people who stand up to her and she doesn’t like strong women. Alexis was a strong woman and stood her ground and paid the price,” the source said.

NBC has tried to downplay this by making it into a conspiracy Fox is pushing against Kelly.

“This is yet another fabrication peddled by Fox News, which is known for its retaliatory attacks and still harbors a vendetta against Megyn,” said an NBC source.

However, Kelly is also rumored to be extremely unpopular at NBC as well, as it’s been said that over a dozen staffers have gone to NBC management over the continued bullying, verbal abuse and “Mean Girls” culture that is perpetrated on the set of “Megyn Kelly Today.” That combined with Kelly’s abysmal ratings makes it clear that her days at NBC are numbered.

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