BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi’s days in the House appear to be numbered as even California Democrats are turning on her after a bizarre string of public appearances she made.

Breitbart reported that even Democrats running for Congress in Pelosi’s home state of California are now refusing to report her publicly. When the San Jose Mercury News surveyed 34 Democrats running for Congress in competitive Republican-held seats in California this year, only two candidates were willing to publicly commit to voting for Pelosi if they were elected.

This came after Conor Lamb won a special election in Pennsylvania after telling voters that he would not support the San Francisco Democrat. Pelosi’s team, however, tried to downplay the survey by saying that the top priority right now is winning races and that “the leadership conversation is for later.”

“We are blessed by a healthy roster of candidates in California,” said Jorge Aguilar, Pelosi’s spokesman. “Leader Pelosi believes these candidates should focus on their individual races … For now, the message is ‘just win baby!’ and the leadership conversation is for later.”

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez refused to answer when he was asked if Pelosi is a “drag” in key tossup districts, and Democrats don’t believe that Pelosi is a lock to get back her Speakership if Democrats win back the House in November. The Mercury News reported that “one worrying senario for Pelosi would be if Democrats take back the House by just a slim margin.” If this were to happen, Pelosi could win the caucus vote but lose the floor vote for Speaker if there are enough new Democrats who got elected by promising voters they would not support Pelosi.

Democrats in states like Minnesota, Washington, Kansas, and Massachusetts said they did not want Pelosi to be their leader if they won their respective races in November. One Democrat running for Congress in Nebraska even said that the “advice everybody gives” to candidates when they visit D.C. is: “Don’t say you’re for Pelosi.”

Pelosi came off as delusional last week when reporters grilled her about her future as the party’s leader in Congress.

“I feel pretty confident about my ability to, first and foremost, be a master legislator for the good of the American people. I have proven that,” Pelosi said last week. “I have a strong following in the country, and I don’t think that the Koch brothers should decide who the leader of the Democratic Party is in the House.”

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