IT’S ALL OVER: Megyn Kelly Is Done

Megyn Kelly got some bad news this week when Fox News host Geraldo Rivera opened up about his bitter feud with her.

Daily Mail reported that in his new memoir, Rivera said he was “impatient” with Kelly when she refused to defend Roger Ailes amid his sexual harassment scandal and took sides with President Trump during their feud because he put him “on television more.”

“During that period of high drama and profound flux, I was especially impatient with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly for refusing to back the man who made her a star, thinking that the elegant, ambitious anchor was selfish and in it only for herself,” Rivera wrote. “A ‘Boycott Megyn’ movement started within our ranks, with various on-air personalities muttering about how it was all part of Megyn’s ongoing and ultimately successful contract negotiations, albeit at another network, NBC.

“Many Fox talent loyal to Roger were vowing never to go on her Kelly File show again, and I was among them, not that I was often asked,” he continued. “Without naming names, let me say that the older women at Fox were particularly vicious in their attacks on the soaring celebrity.”

It was later revealed that Kelly had accused Ailes of harassment herself.

“When word spread that he had allegedly sexually bullied and come on to her at the start of her Fox career, her reluctance to back Roger vs. Gretchen’s lawsuit suddenly transformed from b****y to heroic,” he wrote.

Rivera later said that though Kelly “put the nail in Roger’s (Ailes) professional coffin,” her interactions with Trump “almost changed the course of history.”

“Megyn embarrassed and infuriated Trump by brutally recalling previous public comments he had made about women generally and the actress-comedienne Rosie O’Donnell specifically,” Rivera wrote. “Megyn stuck a knife in Trump’s ribs when she famously asked how a man who refers to women as ‘fat pigs’, ‘slobs’, and ‘animals’ could ever be president of the United States.”

Rivera said he struggled to pick a side.

“I was conflicted throughout,” he wrote. “My dilemma was that Trump is a closer friend than Megyn. In person she is smart and funny, with a terrific husband and wonderful family, but she rarely booked me on her show. In contrast, aside from my knowing the guy forever, Trump and I had just done celebrity apprentice. Together consistently for six weeks, just a couple of months before he began his run for the White House, he gave me the benefit of the doubt on the show.”

“‘Trump puts me on television a lot more than Megyn Kelly does,’ I told friends to explain my initial ambivalence and relatively tepid support of what later became clear was an incredibly brave stance by Megyn,” he continued. “Trump was already a monstrously popular, super connected candidate whose past alleged misogynist treatment of women was certainly fair game at the time she asked her seminal question.”

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