Hidden Camera Footage Catches Parkland Students Being Coached

Disturbing hidden camera footage appears to confirm that anti-gun Parkland student shooting survivors are being coached in what to say during their media appearances.

The Gateway Pundit reported that new audio footage clearly shows Broward County teachers coaching students who were attending the #MarchForOurLives rally in Washington D.C. over the weekend. Laura Loomer leaked the audio from the planning session in Parkland before the national rally against guns.

The footage shows Debby Miller, a local teacher and radical leftwing activist, coaching students on how to respond to media while in Washington D.C. She also can be heard bragging about using taxpayer resources to fund the event.

On top of that, Miller even mocks Jews in the audio footage.

“It’s not going rain on Saturday so, yay. I would say something about the politicians is that the Jews are in charge of weather, so c’mon. But that’s not right,” she said.

If this was a joke, it was a tasteless and pathetic one that was made even worse by the fact that the rally organizers are linked to noted racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

This comes after another damning piece of footage leaks clearly showing top Parkland anti-gun activist David Hogg being coached during an interview. Watch as someone off camera can be heard feeding Hogg lines when he forgets what he is supposed to be saying.

The mainstream media has tried to make anyone who claims the Parkland survivors are being coached look like heartless conspiracy theorists, yet their are multiple pieces of footage out there that confirm that these teenagers are indeed being told what to say by radically left adults.

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