Florida Shooting Survivor David Hogg Caught In Major Lie In Bizarre Video

JUST IN: A series of odd videos of Florida shooting survivor David Hogg have just surfaced, and they’re making Americans everywhere question his story.

Since the mass shooting in Florida earlier this month, student survivor David Hogg has been making the rounds of the mainstream media calling for gun control. On Tuesday, however, videos surfaced on social media showing Hogg give three different accounts on the deaths of his sister’s friends.

Infowars reported that the first clip shows a February 17 interview in which Hogg says, “Sadly, my sister lost four of her friends…” However, in the next clip, shot on February 15, Hogg says his sister only lost two friends.

“However, my sister – who’s a freshman here – she had two of her, like, best friends die,” Hogg said.

In a third clip, from February 16, Hogg changes his story again and says his sister lost three friends.

“The amount of deaths I’ve had to deal with, with my sister having three of her best friends die,” he said.

In the final clip, from a February 15 interview, Hogg circles back to say his sister lost two friends.

“And then, my sister – she’s a freshman – and she had two of her best friends die,” he said.

Another clip shows Hogg say his sister lost two friends. In this clip, Hogg can be heard being coached by the media when someone off camera clearly tells him not to curse.

Hogg appears to be enjoying his newfound fame as a media darling, as he has pledged that he will not go back to school until unspecified gun control laws are enacted. Clearly, Hogg would much rather focus on his television career then actually go back to the classroom.

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