Fed-Up Jesse Watters Goes Rogue – EVISCERATES Parkland’s David Hogg On Live TV

Fox News host Jesse Watters has finally had enough of Parkland shooting survivor-turned-radical anti-gun activist David Hogg’s nonsense, and he isn’t afraid to say it.

The Daily Caller reported that Watters went rogue during Monday’s episode of “The Five” to deliver some choice words to Hogg that the teenager definitely wasn’t expecting.

“You want people involved in democracy, and that’s fine,” Watters said, going on to cite the numerous “contradictions” in the “March For Our Lives” demonstrators’ argument.

“And all these people are being protected by heavily armed security guards, and that’s fine,” Watters said, shifting to focusing only on Hogg. “He started off – and I’ve seen him on Fox News – he started off as this balanced, nice kid who was reporting the facts about what were happening at the school. And he’s just now become a real bomb thrower. And someone like this I think isn’t helping the conversation… This guy makes people think, ‘You’re coming for my guns.’ You’re gonna say that Rubio has blood on his hands because he takes money from the NRA? Maybe he takes money from the NRA because he supports the Second Amendment.”

“It would be more scandalous if the NRA was buying off Democrats and they were voting for legislation even though they didn’t believe in it,” Watters continued. “So, that doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Watters pointed out that when school shootings occur, liberals blame everyone from the politicians to the NRA, except for the shooter himself.

“In this particular situation the guy had a rifle because the Bill of Rights said an 18 year old with no criminal record can have a rifle,” Watters said. “And it was the police, and the school, and the FBI – those were the people that failed. Let’s just take a broader look, and not just target the NRA.”


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