Eric Bolling Reemerges To MOP THE FLOOR With Shep Smith

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling went on CNN this week to defend his former network and eviscerate his ex-colleague Shep Smith for bashing it.

Bizpac Review reported that Bolling dismissed criticism from disgruntled ex-contributor Ralph Peters and from Smith, saying that Fox News actually is far less biased than it’s rivals.

“Ralph Peters is entitled to his opinion,” Bolling told CNN’s Brian Stelter. “Ralph Peters never liked Trump from the very beginning. He never thought Trump would win the presidency, and he certainly wasn’t a pro-Trump advocate afterwards. He is entitled to his opinion, as I’m sure everyone here, Don [Lemon], and Anderson [Cooper] and Wolf [Blitzer] are.”

“No one [at Fox News] calls you and says you have to be on board with Trump or against Trump or pro-Obama or against Obama or have this political leaning or ideology,” Bolling said. “We are free to have our own opinions. I always was. I was never told which way to go with anything, and I never did.”

When asked about Smith’s jabs at his fellow hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, Smith held nothing back with his response.

“I think Shep has his role. By the way, he has a lot of opinion in his ‘journalism’ show,” Bolling said. “Sean Hannity’s a very good friend of mine. Laura Ingraham, a very good friend of mine. They’re very opinionated, but they’re always within the boundaries of fact. The primetime hosts on cable are delving further and further into opinion, but stay within the realm of facts.”


With this appearance, Bolling has showed that he truly is a class act. Though he was fired from Fox News in the fall over sexual misconduct allegations, he has remained loyal to his former network and colleagues. He has also remained loyal to President Donald Trump, as he told Selter that one thing that really makes him mad is the lack of support Trump has gotten from his own party, and all the leakers actively working to undermine him.

“Stop the leaks. These are ridiculous!” Bolling said. “Plug the leaks and get rid of the people who are leaking in a very, very public way.”

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