Congress Just Made Hillary Rodham Clinton’s WORST NIGHTMARE a Reality

Hillary Clinton was hit with devastating news on Wednesday when it was announced that a new investigation has just been launched into her activities during her time in Barack Obama’s State Department.

The Gateway Pundit reported that conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced that it has filed a lawsuit agains the State Department demanding records on Clinton’s former Deputy Chief of Protocol, Dennis Cheng, for the two years he worked under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Cheng served as deputy chief of protocol of the United States from July 2009-July 2011, after which time he left to become director of development at the Clinton Foundation. In 2015, Cheng became became finance director of the Hillary for America presidential campaign.

“Judicial Watch proved the Clinton State Department became a corrupt arm of the Clinton Foundation,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The Justice and State Departments seem to be still protecting Hillary Clinton. Judicial Watch is stepping into the gap and, though this and other ongoing FOIA lawsuits, aims to expose and hold the Clinton cash machine accountable to the rule of law.”

Clinton made $48 million off of her husband’s speeches to foreign governments/entities while she was Secretary of State.

“Hillary Clinton promised she would vet all the conflicts of interest before a speech or a deal. We suspected it would be a scam and we highlighted that we can’t trust them back then,” Fitton said. “Hillary Clinton started violating that promise and agreement almost immediately in terms of taking money from foreign governments that she promised she would not be taking at the Foundation.”

“How did this vetting happen? We had to sue for the documents,” he continued. “And the documents were shocking because they showed…the State Department approved 215 Bill Clinton speeches, controversial consulting deal worth $48 million….and they were rubber stamping them all.”

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