BIG BOMBSHELL: Anti-Gun Student Activist/Leader NOT At School During Shooting – Here’s Where He Was!

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg was the immediate “star” of the school shooting, claiming to have suffered immense horror during the attack, which ultimately led him being the major activist leader and face of the massive gun control movement. Hogg led hundreds of thousands of protesters on Saturday in a “Nazi-esque” speech demanding guns be removed from the hands and homes of every American and even raised a fist at the end of his remarks that resembled the same pose that Adolf Hitler himself made.

Although rumors and conspiracies about Hogg emerged immediately after the shooting considering the dominance in media coverage he as an alleged victim consumed, he and his former FBI father publicly denounced those claims, specifically in a CNN interview. Threats of retaliation toward those who pushed these theories about the teen followed, as Hogg continued to flourish in his newfound fame, rising to a level of sudden leadership for the liberal cause.

Now, just two days after he led what was reportedly nearly a million-person march against gun rights on Saturday, the teen activist just admitted who he really is and that he was not at the high school when shots went off that deadly day. Adding to that bombshell claim, was that the teen was ready for his big, disgusting debut.

Hogg’s admission was revealed during an interview with CBS News as part of a documentary called “39 Days” which features the student and the events that unfolded since the deadly shooting that transpired into the immense “Never Again” movement for gun control and transpired into the “March for our Lives” protest this past weekend. Despite Hogg saying early on in other interviews with different news networks that he’s not anti-gun, he has since has become the face of the student body’s push for gun control but was not even at the school at the time of the shooting.

“39 Days” has yet to air but an alarming excerpt was made available online by CBS News (included below), which is perhaps the most important takeaway of the entire documentary which the network may not have realized they were exposing. Hogg, who is actually a student at the school despite not being there during the deadly attack, was not the only teen activist interviewed. Other “familiar faces” including Delaney Tarr, Cameron Kasky, and Emma Gonzalez also spoke, but it’s when Hogg, a self-described “student journalist,” admitted that he was home at the time the killing began reveals what’s really been at play these past 39 days.

Hod told the CBS reporter that as soon as he heard about the shooting, he got on his bike and rode to the school, equipment in hand, and was only concerned about getting “as many interviews as he could.”

His exact quote to CBS on this is as follows:

DAVID HOGG: On the day of the shooting, I got my camera and got on my bike and rode as fast as I could three miles from my house to the school to get as much video and to get as many interviews as I could because I knew that this could not be another mass shooting.

He failed to mention why he wasn’t at school that day and was safe at home instead, watching the news and prepared to report. However, he did make a second appalling admission which only makes his fame in this sickening situation worse. Not only was Hogg not there when the shooting spree took place, he didn’t even know the victims who were and died because of it, despite previously claiming otherwise.

DAVID HOGG: I didn’t know most of these people at a very personal level, but I wanted to make their voices heard and that’s what I’m really trying to do.

Perhaps the original suspicions about Hogg’s intentions from the start weren’t completely unfounded. There are certainly a lot more questions about him now after his own admissions.

This teen seemed to be well prepared for his endless media interviews immediately after the shooting in which he immediately called for gun control in an impassioned speech he made based on what he “witnessed.” Since he just revealed that he really didn’t witness anything other than the reactions of those who did, how can demands for dismantling the Second Amendment be taken seriously?

His lack of understanding about Constitutional rights is obvious as he also recently complained about the rights of his fellow students being violated for being forced to use clear backpacks on campus to ensure no weapons are being smuggled in.

He can’t argue this while at the same time demanding other people’s rights be infringed upon. Not to mention, if he’s really about kids being protected on campus from guns, he should be all for the clear backpacks as a preventative measure. By saying he’s not, just proves this is about control and is a movement organized by adults, not Hogg, who is just a teen being used as the needed mouthpiece to make the left’s point.

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