Barack Obama’s Former Lover Reemerges – Enrages Michelle By Revealing Massive Secret

Michelle Obama is undoubtedly furious right now as a former girlfriend of Barack’s has just come forward to confirm that he cheated on the future First Lady with her.

Daily Mail reported that long before Michelle, Obama was madly in love with Sheila Miyoshi Jager, whom he dated throughout the mid-1980s. “Rising Star” author David J. Garrow said that Jager played such a huge role in Obama’s life that the future president actually kept seeing her throughout the first year he dated Michelle.

Jager said that she was so close to Obama in the years they dated that they were “an island unto ourselves.” Garrow wrote that Obama first proposed marriage to Jager in 1986, while he was visiting her parents. However, her parents objected to the marriage due to the fact that they felt Jager was still too young for marriage at 23 years-old.

Though they remained together, Jager soon began to realize her then-boyfriend’s “deep-seated need to be loved and admired.” She recently said that Obama became “so very ambitious very suddenly.”

‘I remember very clearly when this transformation happened, and I remember very specifically that by 1987, about a year into our relationship, he already had his sights on becoming president,” she said.

Garrow wrote that Obama came to believe that he needed to “fully identify as African American” to fulfill his political ambitions, and believed that having a non-black spouse could damage his prospects. This caused Obama to have second thoughts about Jager, who is of Dutch and Japanese heritage. However, he could not seem to give her up, and he proposed a second time. She said no, however, because she thought his proposal was “out of a sense of desperation over our eventual parting and not in any real faith in our future.”

Obama then went to law school, where he met Michelle, but Jager and him continued to see each other on and off after she arrived at Harvard for a teaching fellowship.

“I always felt bad about it,” Jager said.

Ouch! Michelle is not going to like this!

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